According to a recent survey for Computer Weekly, Storage Area Networks (SAN) are one of the most challenging datacentre pain points for most IT managers and systems architects.

Coupled with this, the Storage Area Network industry is evolving at an alarming rate – Flash or HDD? Tiering or Caching? Fibre channel or iSCSI? Snapshots or replication? Not sure where to start?

With a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software data storage products, Hollis Office Solutions has a team of Storage Area Network experts with the experience to recommend the most appropriate solution for your specific business needs.

Hollis has close relationships with some of the world’s leading storage technology vendors and engages with them regularly to facilitate innovative solutions that enable organisations to manage their expanding data needs.

A Customer Focus
Hollis Office Solutions is focused on providing the most appropriate products and offers a unique range of design, technical and support services.

System Selection and Design
By ensuring that the proposed solution meets your business needs, you can be confident that it aligns with all environmental, application and performance requirements. When necessary, we involve the manufacturer at the design stage. We also check peripheral requirements and other compatibility issues to ensure all product parts work together.

Prebuilt Solutions
For NAS and SAN storage we fit drives and test units prior to shipping. This ensures you can get started quickly once units arrive at site without extra work.

Technical Support
Our dedicated technical team can help resolve first and second line technical questions and issues. Hollis Office Solutions has fast access to all vendor support services so issues can be resolved quickly if they need escalating.

Professional Services
When you purchase a NAS or SAN solution from Hollis, the following Professional Services are available:

  • 4 Hour Response
  • Extended Warranty
  • Onsite Maintenance
  • Installation Services

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