Advanced Endpoint Security

Endpoint security is an increasingly critical element for corporate networks as more employees and authorised outsiders (such as business partners, consultants, customers and clients) are granted network access through a variety of mobile devices via the internet.
The proliferation of devices connecting to services that are hosted both internally and externally means that there is no longer a single point at which a security device can be installed to provide protection for users. The installation of security software on all end-point devices as well as network servers can resolve these issues. Such software may include auto-containment which amplifies what AV vendors have historically being trying to achieve, mobile device management, antivirus, antispyware, firewall and a host intrusion prevention system.

Data Management

Data management refers to the automating and structuring of data within a storage environment.  In today’s world, having a data management system is essential.  It enables organisations to identify what their storage data really looks like. Report on how much data is operational vs how much data is redundant and what storage devices are being used. Apply continuity of service rules in the event of network disruption and much more.

Wire Data Analytics

The process of wire data analytics is where raw, unstructured data is turned into structured data allowing it to be evaluated in order to improve a business IT environment and operations strategy.  Wire data is the most accurate source of insight for the IT department making it the most valuable in terms of identifying threats and investigating enterprise activity.