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Skywell Water Technology – Smart water for the smarter business

Skywell is a revolutionary technology that changes the way you think about drinking water

Skywell provides an easy way to demonstrate your social responsibility and reduce the impact of your organisation on the environment. This atmospheric water generator creates clean water from the air helping to eliminate the use of plastic bottles. Every drop of water is filtered, purified, tested and continuously monitored to ensure quality, clarity and flavour.

This is an extremely convenient way to provide staff with water as Skywell can be installed wherever it needed the most from conference rooms and busy hallways to special events and outdoor offices. Just connect it to a power source and you’re ready to go.

Skywell generates up to 18 litres of clean drinking water every day.*


Environmentally and socially responsible 

Skywell helps organisations to meet environmental targets and social responsibility requirements. Unlike traditional water coolers, it doesn’t use large water bottles thus reducing your carbon footprint on vehicle deliveries.  It also eliminates the need for staff to lift heavy bottles when the water cooler runs dry or carry individual bottles to the office every day, helping to spell the end of single-use plastic.


Convenient Hydration

A customisable interactive dashboard engages and informs. Plus, it allows organisations add to their branding including logos.


Track and set daily water goals

With the increased awareness of the health problems caused by dehydration, Skywell enables staff to create individual hydration profiles so they can access personal statistics showing water consumption and the positive environmental impact being achieved. Staff can set and track daily hydration goals.

The interactive touchscreen and dashboard provides easy adjustment of settings such as water temperature. Whether you want hot water for drinks or food, or a cold, refreshing glass of water, it’s ready instantly.


As it does not require connection to a water supply, Skywell can be installed anywhere.

How it works – the science

Ambient air is drawn into the unit where a proprietary filter removes dust, airborne particles and bacteria. The air is then condensed, collected and filtered using a purification process that meticulously removes contaminants.  The result is fresh hot or cold drinking water.

Hot or cold – you choose

The flexibility to adjust water temperature easily allows users to customise temperature output to the specific needs of any office. The hot water temperature can be as high as 93°C  for hot drinks or food. Alternatively, if users need a cool glass of water, Skywell® can provide it at 3°C degrees, with no need for ice!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

* Subject to Location and atmospheric conditions, including humidity and temperature

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