PCI DSS Compliance


PCI DSS Compliance

Achieving PCI DSS compliance can seem to be a daunting prospect, especially given how important it is to continued business operations and the ability to take card payments.

Hollis Technology has extensive expertise and experience through working with many retail and hospitality clients, helping them to achieve and retain PCI DSS compliance.

What is PCI DSS Compliance?

It is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) to ensure that all businesses process, store and transmit credit card information within a secure environment. Designed to protect sensitive cardholder data and reduce card fraud, PCI DSS is a standard that has been adopted globally.

It covers the following activities:

  • The creation and management of a secure network with robust firewalls and other security measures.
  • The protection of cardholder data using encrypted transmission and storage.
  • The development of secure enterprise-wide systems and applications.
  • The implementation of strong access control measures through robust restrictions and comprehensive audit trails.
  • The monitoring and testing of networks, systems and processes.
  • The introduction and maintenance of information security policies.

What are the benefits of PCI DSS Compliance?

  • Retain the trust of existing customers and increase the trust amongst new, potential customers.
  • Confidence that all systems and processes meet agreed industry security standards.
  • Customer data remains secure at all times, reducing the risk of data falling into the wrong hands.
  • Avoid fines and other penalties that are levied on non-compliant organisations and ensure that you can continue accepting card payments.
  • Protection of corporate image and reputation from fallouts following a data breach.

By complying with PCI DSS standards and raising your business security standards, organisations are also protected from a range of other online threats that could impact the business.

How can Hollis help?

We have extensive experience of helping organisations achieve PCI DSS Compliance faster. Our services include:

  • Technology infrastructure audit and identification of gaps.
  • Provision of secure networks needed for PCI DSS compliance.
  • Infrastructure hosting in our robust, highly secure ISO27001 accredited data centres located strategically within the UK.
  • Access to our ISO27001 accredited secure private cloud.
  • Working closely with your Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), or can recommend one based on your industry and needs.
  • Network vulnerability scans and penetration testing.
  • Monitor and support your IT infrastructure 24x7x365vwith complete logs for audit purposes.
  • Provision of experts to help gain and retain PCI DSS accreditation, allowing audits to be passed faster going forward, with reduced business disruption.

Hollis Technology will ensure that organisations can quickly and cost-effectively achieve PCI DSS compliance, giving customers confidence that their sensitive payment information is handled securely at all times.

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