Delivering Fiber to the Home and driving down costs

SiFi Networks is an international developer of Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks. The company has dedicated itself through innovative construction methods, financial modelling and collaboration to deliver platforms over which service providers can supply next generation services, including gigabit internet connectivity to communities worldwide.

Sifi Networks is an infrastructure enabler which fully funds and builds community-wide state-of-the-art fiber optic networks known as FiberCities. They allow municipal and private ISP’s to deliver a variety of services to FiberCity™ network subscribers.

SiFi Networks understands that the cost of deploying FTTH can be high due to traditional labour-intensive and intrusive installation methods. The company has extensively researched the best means to drive down costs down and make the vision of FTTH a reality sooner rather than later.

FOCUS™ provides a sustainable, insurable FTTH platform by integrating traditional methods of construction and non-proprietary equipment with proprietary components and its patented Wastewater Fiber Technology (WFT).

FOCUS™ is SiFi Networks’ complete solution for the physical delivery of FTTH to towns and cities worldwide”

Mike Harris – SiFi Networks