Important Renewal Information!

You will have recently received an announcement from Sophos about End of Sale (EOS) and End of Life (EOL) for ALL Cyberoam firewalls inclusive of the current iNG products.

It states that 31st March 2019 will be the final purchase date for the hardware products (with vendor support ceasing completely on 31st March 2022). VCW Security will continue to provide renewals on End of Life Cyberoam hardware and virtual appliances.

There are a number of factors that users need to consider when renewing:

    • Migrating to Sophos firmware will and incur increased licenced costs of up to 200%
    • Extend current Cyberoam licenses at lower cost before migrating to Sophos (if required)
    • Cyberoam products and operating systems will continue to be supported until 31st March 2022
    • VCW Security cannot offer continued support for appliances migrated to Sophos operating systems. (Copernicus)

If you are like one of the many organisations we’ve spoken to that doesn’t have the appetite for change, VCW will continue to support you in staying with a familiar product in Cyberoam.

Click here to find out more about how VCW Security can help you save money; products affected, lifecycle milestones and a list of FAQ’s.