Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Hollis Technology is a specialist provider of scalable, on demand cloud solutions that enhance security and give greater control over IT resources. Our complete end-to-end approach to cloud computing helps organisations achieve their strategic objectives and delivers maximum value.

With a long history in helping organisations to successfully adopt cloud computing, Hollis offers a full range of hybrid, public or private cloud solutions. Our experienced cloud computing engineers can design, deploy and manage cloud-based services to meet individual security, compliance, privacy and governance requirements which deliver tangible, sustained business benefits.

Cloud benefits include:

  • Reduced IT costs by moving from Capex to Opex models
  • Flexibility and scalability to cope with changing user demand
  • Greater control of capacity
  • Allows rapid deployment of new projects to maintain competitive edge
  • Improved security and compliance
  • Eliminates IT management costs
  • Built-in resilience limits exposure to security breaches and improves compliance
  • Reduces carbon footprint as cloud service providers host multiple customers on shared infrastructure for more efficient utilisation of energy resources
  • Future-proofing by embracing the cloud to handle emerging mobile, digital and data management technologies

The main hybrid cloud services and solutions Hollis provides include:


We can provide end-to-end automation deployment of services in a cloud environment. This includes the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of complex computer systems, middleware, and associated services to help accelerate the delivery of IT while reducing costs across your IT infrastructure. Our orchestration service creates VMs, allocates storage capacity, manages network resources and grants access to cloud software. By using the appropriate orchestration mechanisms, users can deploy and start using public and private cloud platforms.


Hollis enables organisations to virtualise data centre storage and management with non-disruptive, scalable and secure data infrastructures. It helps to scale infrastructures quickly and take advantage of storage efficiencies by only using what you need when you need it. Real business benefits and IT agility can be achieved through policy-based data automation, management, efficiency and security.


Hollis provides an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform that gives greater flexibility and security when configuring hybrid cloud applications. Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network integration enables applications to be migrated to the Hollis datacentre whilst integrating them with existing IT services and networks.


Multiple compute options are available offering the flexibility to run the most demanding workloads, as well as less intensive applications, in a secure and highly available cloud environment. Hollis also offers small or large virtual machines alongside bare metal servers and clusters on the same virtual cloud networks, all of which are accessible through a console and API set.


Hollis has a secure, resilient, flexible and simple to use cloud storage and archive service that supports cloud-based data storage, sharing and security. It increases data access when you need it from any internet connected environment.


Virtual Networking enables the creation of cloud-based networks with full control over IP addresses, DNS servers, security rules and traffic flows.

Web and Mobile

Hollis provides services that speed up the creation of apps faster. This unique cloud service enables enterprise-ready web and mobile apps to be quickly and easily created for any platform or device and deployed on a scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure.


We can provide organisations with the tools to select, manage and deploy managed database services for app development and deployment. They allow databases to be deployed in minutes and scaled as required. We also provide access to cloud data warehousing that can scale up or down to meet business needs.

Data and Analytics

Hollis provides a data and analytics service which dynamically scales to focus on business goals rather than distributed infrastructure. It eliminates the need to deploy, configure and tune hardware, enabling queries to be written that transforms data and allows the extraction of valuable insights. This service can handle jobs of any scale on a pay as you go basis depending on bandwidth requirements making it extremely cost effective.