How Skywell helps in the fight against Single Use Plastics

As Single Use Plastic achieves ‘word of the year’ status in the UK, have you asked what your business is doing to increase its environmental awareness?

Fresh drinking water for employees is rarely a priority when setting up offices or workspaces. After all, there are more pressing needs, such as IT and security requirements.

It may surprise you but it has been estimated that the average office employee each requires up to 45 litres of drinking water per month. However, the environmental cost of supplying this water, especially using single use plastic bottles is only now beginning to be appreciated.

What is the scale of the problem?

In 2016, more than 480 billion plastic drinking bottles were sold globally, up from about 300 billion on 2006. It is expected that this number will rise by a further 20% by 2021. What is more, as they are commonly made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), they take 400 years to naturally decompose.

How can your organisation help in the fight against plastic pollution?

Skywell Air Water is an environmentally friendly alternative to bottle-fed dispensers or plastic bottles, removing the need for water deliveries or single-use plastics. It generates water by condensing and then filtering the surrounding air – turning the air into water!

Perfect for offices, the Skywell atmospheric water generator generates up to 18 litres of clean drinking water per day.

Skywell enables you to add new water stations anywhere without needing any plumbing. It provides an environmentally friendly alternative to single use plastic bottles or transported water in offices that are far from the kitchen or canteen.

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Author: Shaun Barkley