I Would Like a Callback Please

Regain control with TopSec Email Security, the comprehensive cloud-based email service.

Removing the persistent invasion of spam, undesirable content and viruses will save your company thousands of pounds and give back valuable lost bandwidth for business use. It also increases speed and capacity, eliminates unnecessary interruption and frees up your employees time.

Topsec Email Security does this by:

  • Dealing with spam securely before it hits the client gateway
  • Reducing system overheads on overworked firewalls and mail servers
  • Immediate notification if an email has been quarantined
  • Optional daily spam digests
  • Web-based, self-service quarantine
  • Increasing productivity

And because it’s a fully managed service, TopSec Email Security will free up the time of your key IT staff allowing them to concentrate on business-building objectives, like strategy and compliance.