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Meeting all the IT needs for your organisation can be challenging. It is important to consider how IT can add value rather than just adding to the workload of your internal team responsible for managing the system.

A Managed Infrastructure Service from Hollis Technology frees up organisations to focus on the most important issues. Offering full user and network management services through to remote backup and disaster recovery, we help to maximise the capacity of your IT department whilst increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Hollis helps organisations to focus on best practice, technological innovation and the realisation of sustained business benefits by optimising IT infrastructures for greater service flexibility, network performance and availability.

We provide a range of Managed Infrastructure Services including:

  • Data Centre Services
  • Network and Communication Services
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Network Operations Centre

If you are looking to bridge the gap between your IT department and the increasing demand for fast-moving, stable, high-performance business technology give Hollis Technology a call today.