What is The Mist Cloud?

The Mist cloud is the first truly new approach to wireless in nearly a decade — applying machine learning, data science and the latest cloud technologies to deliver a smart, scalable solution that optimises the wireless experience (for both the user and IT administrator).

  • Micro-services for SaaS agility (i.e., fast, risk free changes)
  • Containers ensure portability and fault tolerance
  • Big data collection / analysis from every wireless user
  • Built using modern cloud elements like Storm, Spark, and Kafka for speed and reliability
How to Deliver Scalable, Resilient and Automated WLAN Services with the Cloud

Many companies are moving key applications like CRM, HR, and finance to the cloud as a way of maximising IT efficiency, minimising IT costs, and improving the overall agility of business operations. For the same reasons, key infrastructure elements like security and storage are also being transitioned to the cloud.

However, wireless networks have been slower to adopt this transition, with more than 90% of the Wireless LAN (WLAN) market still delivered via on-premises controllers. But this is changing rapidly. Moving wireless to the cloud gives CIOs a more scalable and resilient infrastructure with better operational simplicity and efficiency.​

The result is the first truly innovative WLAN platform in over a decade. Built on a microservices architecture using the latest cloud, AI, and wireless technologies, the Mist Learning WLAN provides capabilities not available on first generation cloud WLANs, which include:

  • Rapid deployment of new services without impacting existing services
  • Elastic scale
  • Actionable insight using global data sets and machine learning
  • Security
  • High availability

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